Haddonfield Celebrations

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Where will you be celebrating Independence Day in 2015? Hopefully you will be in historic Haddonfield to enjoy the absolutely best fireworks show on July 3rd followed by our wonderful town parade on July 4th!

Here is the problem – without your support, you will not be enjoying the fireworks in Haddonfield! How many times have you heard that expression “without your support” and felt it was meant for someone else? Well, that is not the case; the reality is our weak financial situation is jeopardizing having this event.

The Haddonfield Celebrations Association is a 501c (3) Charitable Not for Profit organization. We are your neighbors, co-workers, and volunteers that care deeply about maintaining our 75 year history in Haddonfield.

Please help us with your generous tax deductible contribution. Please donate online at www.haddonfieldcelebrations.org and see what other events we host.

Thank you for your donation and help keeping the best Independence Day celebration in Haddonfield!

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